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    Available courses

    “Advanced Topics in Information Security” course is conceptualized for the first year of Master studies in Information Security. Through the weeks we will discuss about in-depth and contemporary information security topics and strengthen our knowledge about security concepts, recent developments, and current challenges in the field of information security. The course covers a lot of hands-on practices of designing secure systems and testing existing ones.

    With the increasingly connected world revolving around the revolution of internet and new technologies like mobiles, smartphones, and tablets, and with the wide usage of wireless technologies, the information security risks have increased. Any information security vulnerability is possible to be widely exploited by the hackers and crackers who are looking for such opportunities. This course aims in giving the students an in-depth knowledge about the information systems security challenges and practical orientation in building secure solutions.

    “Operating Systems” course is conceptualized for the second year of Bachelor studies in Economic Informatics. It comprises of lessons, dealing with the core theoretical aspects of processes, memory administration, deadlocks and interrupts, and more. During laboratory hours we will cover a specific OS, Linux - Ubuntu. This online content is dedicated to the practical aspects of Linux, where we will cover the fundamentals of shell scripting. A working knowledge of shell scripting is essential to anyone wishing to become reasonably proficient at system administration and deepen more their understanding on computer systems management in general, and scripting languages programming, a very useful technical skill.